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Download our FREE Affiliate Marketing White Paper and discover how you can run a successful affiliate marketing program today. During this entire process, that really sometimes takes years to develop, you get to speak to so many affiliates so many different times. You really do get to build strong relationships with so many. Several affiliates attended my wedding almost 10 years ago.

There are a lot of factors that go into making an affiliate sale. Your contest duration will determine how frequently you need to communicate with your affiliates. We run a monthly Supermetrics partner contest, which means that we announce the start of a new contest and declare the winner once a month. If you run a contest only for a specific segment and decide not to create a separate landing page, include your terms and conditions to your contest email campaign. We recommend you to start with building a dedicated landing page for your affiliate contest.

How to make your affiliates post more often: Affiliate Activation Guide

It’s equivalent to pouring more money into a FB adset that works well for you. Every month, pick a few lucky affiliates and send them free goodies. They are almost 100% guaranteed to post about it and get you sales. They get a great product for free, and you get a few sales for nothing but COGS out of pocket.

Affiliate Marketing Activation

Partner activation is different from partner onboarding. Activation requires the active participation of the partner in the program, so it normally occurs after a partner has successfully onboarded. Apogee has been professionally managing affiliate programs for more than 14 years. Relationships are at the forefront of everything we do and that includes relationships with our clients as well as with our publishers, content creators, and corporate partners. When just launching your contest, you might want to test different techniques to identify best practices.

Over 20 Years of Powerful Relationships and Tested Experience in Affiliate Marketing

Once you have completed all of these steps, running an affiliate contest is all about optimization – collecting data and comparing the performance of different strategies. The same flat bonus that attracts low- and medium-performance affiliates will not be as luring to top affiliates who bring in a high number of sales every month. For them, temporarily higher commission rates are a much better motivator. This is why knowing your affiliates is your key to running a successful contest. Maintaining good communication with them goes a long way.

Or send reminders through your affiliate platform, for example, closer to the end of the month, to get more entries. Let’s go through the steps from setting up your goal and strategy to tracking your success. Whether you’re a small business getting started on your data journey or a global enterprise working with business-critical data, Supermetrics offers plans that meet all needs. With our affiliate program you earn commissions on every sale made through your promotion work. We determine which publishers you should work with to hit your KPIs, and the optimal commissions to offer to grow sales sustainably. We do a deep dive into your business to understand your goals, customers, products, competition and brand.

  • Experimenting with different types of contests and rewards and comparing the results will lead to identifying best practices.
  • This could include things like educational materials, webinars, and one-on-one coaching.
  • 🙂 Oh how I, and my team as well as every other agency and affiliate manager out there wishes that were true.
  • There’s a sensible balance of how many partners to target with what frequency and with what incentivizes.

Create affiliate specific promotions – Affiliate promotions may correlate with your product or service promotions but should be altered to incentivize affiliates. Have an internal promotional calendar and what is an affiliate management system let affiliates know well in advance of specific promotions related to holidays or events. Responsible to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels.

The higher the sales volume generated by an affiliate, the higher their commission rate becomes. This type of program can provide motivation for affiliates to increase their efforts to promote your brand and generate more sales. Unlike many other marketing channels, affiliate partners are not contractually bound to deliver traffic or sales. Either party — the affiliate or the merchant — can walk away at any time without recourse. Website Links – The easiest way to get your first affiliates to make sure you have added links or a simple form to your affiliate program on your website.

The activation process involves reviewing affiliate applications, welcoming them to your program, and making sure approved affiliates get started promoting your brand. In some cases, this process might include incentivizing new or inactive affiliates to share links to your product/service to get their first sale. Reconnect with publishers to reiterate the offers already available in your program by highlighting current promotions, top products, and features like shopping feeds.

Affiliate Marketing Activation

Apogee is a digital marketing agency focusing on affiliate program management, influencer marketing, public relations, social media management and paid digital advertising. Relationships are everything, and that couldn’t be more true than in affiliate marketing. Having worked with publisher partners for over 20 years, we have developed long-lasting relationships with them, which benefit our clients’ affiliate programs.

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