How to Become a DevOps Engineer Tasks, Career Path, Courses, and Salary Info

Since most of us work in Linux, I suggest you go through theLinux Administration BootCamp course on Udemy to learn and understand Linux OS better. If you want to learn Python, then The Complete Python BootCamp is my favorite resource, which will teach you Python 3, the most popular version of Python. Below are occupations that have high affinity with Devops Engineer skills. Discover some of the most common Devops Engineer career transitions, along with skills overlap. This sector requires a wide range of knowledge and abilities. As a result, you can acquire a position in this field with preparation. According to Dice, the average income for this position is US$111,683, which puts it in fifth place of all IT jobs.

What knowledge is required for DevOps?

Coding and scripting are two important skillset that DevOps engineer should possess. Python, Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Bash, Shell and Node. js are among the most recommended programming/scripting languages. Linux is one of the operating environments that hardcore developers continue to use even to this day.

This article will guide you through some important knowledge related to DevOps engineers such as responsibilities and requirements. Also explore different tools, interview tips, course and certifications and tips on IT Help Desk Technician job description template. In that case, the logical first step is earning a bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to math, computer science, or electronics engineering, with a focus on software development. DevOps engineers are responsible for an application or piece of software from development through testing, infrastructure deployment, application deployment and end-user feedback. A lot goes into a successful DevOps career, and it can be challenging to navigate it alone. Between figuring out what skills to learn, identifying the most relevant tools, learning coding basics, selecting exams, and getting certified, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As soon as you have your servers provisioned, you need to install software, download updates, and tweak some OS-level parameters.


Learn more about how your application is built, released and run in production. So, in summary, you should be comfortable writing code to do your job. So if you want to get into DevOps, start by searching for any of these roles, and see whether the work is something that interests you. If you’re thinking of getting a job in DevOps, you probably want to know the job titles you should be looking out for. If you’d prefer to have an easy job, regular 9-5 hours, doing mostly the same work every day, then don’t get into DevOps. You may even need to be on-call, which might make you frustrated.

how to become a devops engineer

This is different from GitHub, which facilitates version control in the cloud, with the overhead managed by GitHub itself. In the world of infrastructure as code, version control with products like Git and GitLab are essential. Ansible concerns itself with server-desired state configuration, ensuring that servers are configured to specs.

Infrastructure monitoring

This includes versioning strategies using source control code management systems like Git, and CI/CD pipelines such as Jenkins, and CircleCI. Advanced automation tasks may prove difficult through shell scripts alone. You’ll often require more powerful scripting using the likes of Python, Perl, or Ruby.

For example, you might study for a BS in information technology with an emphasis on software development. One of the most popular degrees obtained by aspiring DevOps engineers is the bachelor of Lead Windows System Engineer in Ashburn, Virginia, United States Jobs Careers science in computer engineering. Studies in this field tend to address concepts in designing, testing, and implementing various components of integrative computer hardware and software systems.

What are the education requirements of a DevOps Engineer?

In traditional software development, there was a hard divide between operations and development. Developers were only What is a Database Administrator? Explore the Database Administrator Career Path loosely involved in the operation of the software they created and knew very little about where or how it was run.

Whatever program you choose, make sure it focuses on software development. In DevOps, we deliver infrastructure in a similar way to applications. So — you’ll need to be acquainted with the fundamentals of the software development life cycle .

Data Structure & Algorithms in Java for Intermediate Level

Among the most critical components of being a DevOps engineer is learning to code infrastructure. The engineers in this business must be capable of configuring web servers such as Tomcat, Apache, and IIS. Because the business is more integrated than ever before, security and networking are crucial fundamentals for a DevOps engineer to understand. Courses in a master’s degree in a computer development program can help you strengthen your abilities in numerous elements of program development. The engineers in this area should also be able to use various automation technologies to create CI or CD pathways.

  • You can use tools like Puppet or Docker to configure and deploy the application in the production environment.
  • Yes, I am talking about developing Continuous Integration pipeline.
  • As more companies improve their technological processes to stay competitive, the demand for DevOps engineers is likely to increase.
  • Consider enhancing your skills and knowledge with a graduate degree.

In order for updates to deploy efficiently, software developers and IT operators must work together and communicate on a regular basis. The DevOp engineer oversees this collaboration and ensures that updates, code releases, and deployments are accomplished in a thought out and productive manner. To become a DevOps engineer, you’ll need technical and interpersonal skills. Completing a master’s degree in software development will help you advance your DevOps engineer career. You will learn skills in different aspects of software development, like coding and emerging technologies. DevOps engineers are one of the most sought-after job positions in the tech industry, with many companies experiencing a shortage of people with adequate skills for the role.

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